Maskne is a new word that we hear with the rise of the pandemic. The governments of different countries have come up with a rule to wear a mask in public and private places to contain Covid 19 spread. But, everything comes with a bundle of advantages and disadvantages. If you are a regular user of masks, you can see red bumps on your face. Some skin is more sensitive, causing reddish bumps all over the areas a mask shelters. This condition is known as Maskne or mask acne. 

Causes of Maskne

There are various reasons causing maskne. 

  1. The mask material may be a primary reason for the skin breakout.
  2. When you use a washable mask, and you don't wash it often.
  3. Using heavy detergents may be another reason.
  4. The nature of work requires you to wear a mask the whole day.

It is a fact that the masks prevent the tiny water droplet from the Covid affected patient from entering the air. It is an effective way to check the spread. But it helps the moisture stay in the mask and helps in creating a thriving environment for acne-causing bacteria. 

This condition is similar to the acneiform in athletes due to the regular use of helmets. 

Clogged pores also cause masknes that aid bacteria to get deep into the skin, causing broken skin. Sometimes you have dead skins accumulated all over your face. When you use a mask, it clogs the pores and accelerates the accumulation of dead cells.

How to treat Maskne?

Immediately remove the mask once you come back home. It will help your skin to breathe and relax for a while. Buy a mask that will aid air to pass through and prevent moisture from getting trapped inside it. Wash it with a mild detergent and wash it frequently. 

It is always advisable to use disposable masks to avoid skin irritation. But make sure that it doesn't blow a hole in your budget. If you have to wear one every day, using at least two would be advisable. 

Wash your face in the morning as well as at night. Don't use any soap or face wash. You may use face cleansers or cleansing balms instead. They are mild and deal with your skin very gently. Use lukewarm water to remove bacteria from your face. Remember to use a gentle towel to wipe your face to avoid cracks on your face.

Remedies of Maskne

There are a lot of products in the skincare market. We, at Natural Bliss Store, have different varieties of products to suit different skin types. 

  • Soulflower Herbal AHA 30% herbal repair serum: This product has alpha-hydroxy acids, and it helps treat acne and pimples. It has natural plant extract, multivitamins that help you keep your skin tight and look much younger. It repairs the pores, makes it firm, and exfoliates accumulated dead cells on your face. It helps prevent acne, rejuvenates your skin, and makes it healthy and glowing.
  • Bella Vita Organic acne & pimple removal combo: If you have dead cells accumulated on the area surrounded by the mask, use this product. The C glow face wash has Vitamin C, coffee, and sandalwood that helps wipe out the dead cell debris from your face. The Anti Acne cream fights with bacteria. The presence of Tulsi, tea tree oil will act as antioxidants to prevent acne and pimples. Ubtan Plus Face wash pack has Multani Mitti and sandalwood that repairs your dull skin because of accumulated dead cells and acne.
  • Khadi Natural herbal acne pimple cream: Do you have blemishes and red bumps all over your face? Use this product that reduces inflammation and acne effectively.
  • Herbs and More Anti pimple cream:  This product has an astringent quality that helps repair the facial skin affected by acne without leaving any marks. It gives a cooling effect, thereby restoring the natural glow of your skin.

How Natural Bliss Store can help you?

Natural bliss store, has lots of products to treat your Maskne problems. According to your skin tone and the gravity of the acne problem, you can dive into the list of products to pick the best one for you.All of our products are chemical free, cruelty-free, toxin-free, environment friendly and natural. If you are confused about choosing the best product for you, you can always talk to our skincare experts.



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