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With the onset of summer, the major skincare concern that arises is tanning! Although a good quality sunscreen protects you, the sun can still tan your skin. The harsh rays can darken your skin, taking its glow and elasticity away. Although people in western countries love the tan, the truth is that there is no such thing as a safe tan!

What is a summer tan?

When your skin gets exposed to the sun or UV rays, the skin cells get injured. It thus produces a pigment called melanin. Depending on the skin type and duration of sun exposure, different bodies produce different amounts of melanin. The amount of melanin thus decides whether your skin is suntanned or sunburnt. 

Effects of tanning on the skin

Tanning causes various ill-effects to the skin. A few of them are listed as follows.

  • Popularly known as photo-ageing, exposure to sun causing tanning, which in turn speeds up the ageing process. 
  • Skin darkening is another side effect of tanning. Excessive production of melanin causes skin darkening and uneven skin tone. 
  • UV rays damage the DNA in skin cells, causing melanoma, a rare kind of skin cancer.

Precautions you can take to avoid skin tanning

As they rightly say, prevention is better than cure. Although there is a plethora of home remedies and a wide variety of natural products that are effective and safe to use, taking necessary precautions works as an advantage. Keeping a few things in consideration ensures that your skin is less prone to damage; furthermore, it increases the effectiveness of all the products you will be using. 

  • Try to avoid the sun! The necessary trip to work or to the grocery stores cannot be avoided, but try not to roam unnecessarily in the sun.
  • Cover your body as much as you can when you are out in the sun. Wear sunglasses, a hat or a scarf too!
  • Apply a good quality natural sunscreen with the correct SPF half an hour before you are stepping out in the sun. Moreover, reapply your sunscreen after every 6 hours to keep its effectiveness on point! 

How to get rid of Summer Tan 

Although it’s undesirable, getting tanned is a very common thing in summers. If you are also encountering this issue, we got your back! We will be discussing all the home remedies, precautions and the best natural skincare products that can help deal with a summer tan. 

Home Remedies for Summer Tan

Turmeric Pack

Turmeric is a magical ingredient that works for pretty much every skin issue. To get rid of tanning, make a face pack using turmeric and mixing raw milk into it. Apply a thin layer of it on the face, neck and every part of your body that’s more exposed to the sun. Let it dry and wash it off with cold water. Turmeric helps in skin lightening, and raw milk gives elasticity and moisture to the skin.


Honey and Lemon 

Honey and lemon are two ingredients that are available in every household. These two are also the most effective when it comes to removing the suntan. You can mix a tablespoon of honey with a few drops of lemon juice, keeping the quantity of honey a little more and mix it well. Massage it like a gel on the affected area twice a day. Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and wash off. 

Honey is a natural exfoliator; it removes the dead skin cells and reveals the fresh ones lying underneath the skin. Lemon, on the other hand, helps to even out the skin tone and lightens the skin colour.

Potato and Raw milk

Take a crushed potato and mix a few drops of raw milk into it. You can also choose to replace milk with lemon. Massage it on the affected it like you use the scrubs. Do it for about 10-15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This can be done every time you come back from sun exposure! If you have dry skin, mix crushed potatoes with olive oil and honey, the two extremely hydrating ingredients that will help lock in the moisture. 

Crushed potatoes help get rid of dark spots, pigmentation and skin discoloration. Furthermore, it acts as a natural exfoliator and has anti-ageing properties. 

How Natural Bliss Helps!

Mentioned above are all the home remedies that you can use if you are facing tanning issues. However, we understand that the busy schedule doesn’t always allow the time to prepare the natural remedy and use it to protect your skin. For all these situations, we have a list of products that are natural, safe and as effective as the natural remedies! You can shop for all the product here -  Link

You can get in touch with our experts, here, share your skin concerns and get a customized list of products to keep your skin summer ready!

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