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Have you ever thought about what causes skin aging? The answer lies somewhere between genetics and environmental factors. Your skin is always exposed to environmental factors even when you stay indoors. The polluted air you breathe creates an impact on your skin by causing oxidative damage to it. As a result, our skin starts showing signs of early aging. There are many natural beauty products available in the market that help repair damaged skin and toxic aging.

Dermatologists opine that UV rays are the most substantial reason for aging and skin cancer in human beings. Apart from the UV rays, many other environmental factors also fight against our skin to infiltrate into our skin, damaging it. They attack the protein in our skin called collagen that blocks UV rays that harm our skin.

Environmental factors affecting the quality of skin

1) UV Rays

UV Rays


The first factor with which our skin engages in combat is UV Rays. These skin age accelerators come in the way of pigment production and cause the darkening of our skin. They create an oxidizing effect causing dark spots to appear on your flawless skin. Skin experts recommend natural beauty products like brightening and anti-aging cream with skin protein to save your skin from premature aging. 

We, at Natural Bliss Store, stock natural beauty products like:

The Nature Co's Red & Green tea sunscreen lotion: It helps repair and protects damaged skin. Red tea is present in the lotion which blocks UV rays, while green tea has antioxidants. This amazing product hydrates and nourishes your skin.

VLCC Matte depigmentation look SPF 30 sunscreen gel creme: This product has an excellent gel formula that seeps deep into your skin and acts as a sunray blocker to maintain the glow of your skin.


2) Pollution

Air Pollution


The pollution agents are omnipresent even in the air you breathe and the water you gulp in. Even the floor cleaning liquids are full of chemicals that irritate and damage your skin. Your skin is exposed more and more to chemicals; it will lead to clogged pores resulting in acne all over your face. It will also cause folliculitis, dryness, and pigmentation that speeds up the aging process. 

To protect your skin from pollution, you can use natural beauty products like...

Bella Vita natural organic natural anti-pollution combo pack:  This combo pack has a face wash and face, body scrub grit. The Vitamin C face wash has ayurvedic components that help to control oil production and brightens it. It regulates the tanning of the skin, making it shinier and glowing than before. The face and body scrub grit will be busy exfoliating the dead cells. It has coffee and walnuts as ingredients that help to get rid of dirt, dry skin. 

Soulflower Herbal tea tree and Aloe Vera brightening oil-free gel moisturizer: Soulflower’s natural beauty products are the best in the market. This moisturizer helps repair dry and damaged skin due to different kinds of polluting agents. The tea tree and aloe vera present in the product help your skin stay hydrated and shining. These natural ingredients help to get healthy skin naturally.


3) Sleep

How Sleep affects your skin

Doctors prescribe 6 hours of sleep at night is the key to staying healthy for the mind. How many of us know that it is the secret to maintain healthy skin too? While you need extra care for your skin from the scorching sun, at night, your skin needs the same care for several reasons. It is during the night your skin throws out toxins, and cell regeneration happens. When a person is devoid of enough sleep, the skin can't throw out accumulated toxins and can't reflect natural light from your face. As a result, your skin looks dull. Don't worry! We have many natural beauty products to restore the lost glow of your skin.

Oxi9 Restorative night cream: Oxi9 Restorative night cream is a natural beauty product with nature-derived ingredients and is pure. It is devoid of chemicals and is safe for our skin. This product gives new vigor to your skin as it accelerates the exfoliating process of dead skin. It repairs the skin by producing new skin and makes you look younger in the morning!

VLCC anti-aging night cream: The right combination of olive and almond oil nourishes your skin and helps you get rid of ugly stretch marks all over your face.


Skin is the most vital part of the body as it is the infantry that fights with the various environmental damaging agents. So we find refuge in natural beauty products when our skin is under attack. If you know that your skin is at risk of damage, you can choose products from the Natural Bliss Store website to repair your damaged skin. Confused about the product you want for your skin? Our skincare expert will help you to choose the products based on your skin type and condition. Get in touch here Moreover, all our products are chemical-free, toxin-free, cruelty-free, and environment-friendly that will safely repair your delicate skin.

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