Skincare regime for women in 30s


Just like your clothes, your skincare also refuses to fit you as you age. What worked for you in your 20s is not necessarily going to work for you in your 30s. Well, if you are even a little bit of a skin enthusiast, it is good news for you as you get to try different products! Moreover, you will get a better understanding of the ingredients and compositions. It will be adding a lot to your skincare IQ. All it takes is some research, some product trials and patience as you decide which ones are best for you!

Now, this might seem like a huge task and who would like to do product trials on her skin! Well, you have nothing to worry about, as the natural bliss readers always have their experts just a text away. We are lending out today a sorted and effective skincare regime for the women who have hit their gorgeous 30s.

Skincare routine for women in their 30s

Be gentle

It's time you start taking care of your skin just how you take care of your precious jewellery pieces. Be gentle on your skin and ditch all the chemical-based products that you probably swore by in your 20s. As per La Roche Posay study, 60% of the women make the mistake of using chemical products in the wrong composition on their skin during the ageing years. Well, no one to blame here, the actives and acids are a popular trend these days. If you want nourished, glowing and supple skin, the first step is to be gentle and use natural skin care products.

Look for alternatives

It is about time you introduce your skin to retinol, the best anti-ageing component that your skin needs at this age. There are plenty of chemical-based retinol products available in the market but remember you only have to look for natural alternatives. We recommend using the Night Glow night cream by Bella Vita Organic. It has natural retinol and can prove to be the best product in your night skincare routine.

Step By Step Routine

Step 1

Start your day by using a gentle cleanser. Use a mild option that effectively cleanses the dirt and debris off your and gives you a clean face to apply other products. We recommend aroma magic aloe vera face cleanser, Foy Natural walnut and pumpkin seed face wash or the VLCC anti-ageing foaming wheat and margosa face wash.

Step 2

Use a toner; you can continue using any toner that you have probably been using all this while. A toner helps eliminate toxins, balances the skin pH and tightens the pores. We recommend using dew toner and mist by Auli Lifestyle, Bella Vita Organic glowner or the Himalaya Clarifying toner.

Step 3

The serum is your best friend in your 30s. You can use a vitamin C serum for your morning routine. Furthermore, prefer using a night serum with hyaluronic in it for night skincare. We recommend firming serum by soulflower, Auli Lifestyle’s the power of C or 21 again anti ageing serum by Bella vita organic.

Step 4

Never skip the moisturizer! Even if your skin is a bit oily and you feel that the serum has done the job, you still have to put on some moisturizer. Make it a part of your morning and night routine to keep the skin hydrated and nourished all the time. If you can, you must replace your moisturizer with the night cream in your evening routine. We recommend using the hello hydration moisture boost cream by Auli Lifestyle or VLCC lavang moisturizer or juniper berry oil-free moisturizer by aroma magic.

Step 5

The skin around your eyes is sensitive, and it is the part where you will see the first visible signs of ageing. It is better to start using an eye cream at an early stage and keep this skin supple. We recommend using under eye cream by aroma magic, khadi natural under eye gel or the white rose under eye gel by Nature's co.

Step 6

You have heard this one thousand times, and we are going to say it too. Use SPF every day in your morning skincare routine, irrespective of the season and whether or not you are stepping out in the sun. Get a good quality sunscreen that effectively does the job and keep your skin safe from sun damages. We recommend using any sunscreen by Aroma magic or VLCC.

Step 7

Facial Massages are also important as you reach your 30s. It helps regulate blood circulation and keeps the skin from sagging. If you do not have the time to visit a salon, get a good quality facial kit and do the massage by yourself! There are plenty of facial kits by VLCC and Aroma Magic on the natural bliss store, check out and buy any of them!

Understand, for any product to show its results, you should use it for at least two weeks. Furthermore, for the skin care regime to work its magic, it has to be done with the right products. The natural bliss experts have made this routine after careful observation and product trials. It is going to help you keep your skin fresh, hydrated and vibrant in the 30s and forever!

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