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Natural Bliss is all about helping people reach the best skin care products and brands. Brands that work towards bringing your best self out and are committed to causing no harm to the environment. Auli Lifestyle is one such natural skincare brand that is far far away from the evils of the skincare industry such as chemical infusions or animal testing causing potential harm to the skin. 

Their products are clean, soothing and super effective. We have brought to you the two best regular use products by Auli Lifestyle that everyone can use! 


Product1: Alpha Superfood Oil Control Face Wash (AHA + Tea Tree Oil)

Auli Lifestyle AHA FACE CLEANSER - ALPHA (100 ml)


The very step of your skincare regime, your cleanser has to be the best. Something that is made according to your skin type, and nourishes your skin rather than depriving it of its natural oils. The challenge with oil control face washes is that they suck out all the oil from the skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull. Understand that you need to get rid of the EXTRA oil on your face, not barren your oil glands altogether. 

Keeping this in mind, Auli Lifestyle brought the Alpha superfood face wash, which balances the oil in your skin and removes the excessive oil and impurities. It naturally exfoliates your skin, preventing black and whiteheads. Moreover, it works to maintain the pH of the skin, does not strip off all the essential nutrients and gives a naturally glowing face.  


Auli Lifestyle AHA FACE CLEANSER - ALPHA (100 ml)


The product has a liquidy texture with a touch of a rich cream blend. It has a beautiful sea green in colour and has translucent consistency.


Natural composition with all good things that are a blessing for your skin. There are no chemical irritants or sulphates that might harm your skin. Moreover, the low-foaming formula is proof that no surfactants are present in this face wash to strip all the hydration and moisture away. Speaking of its Key Ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil

One of the popular ingredients amongst people with acne. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of this oil help calm and soothe the red, irritated skin that usually happens due to active acne. It is also a natural exfoliant that gives you smooth and supple skin.


There are endless benefits of AHA infused face washes. It helps in collagen production, thus reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. AHA also even tones the skin giving a visibly glowing face!


Natural Bliss recommends this product to people with oily to combination skin. Although it is safe to use for every skin type, a patch test is always recommended. You can talk to the skin experts at Natural Bliss, share your skin type and know if the product is made for you!

Product2: Magic Potion (Gel Moisture & Primer)

Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion Mattifying Massage Gel (120 gm)

Do you like products that do multi-tasking? You are sure to love this all-rounder by Auli Lifestyle. The simple, natural composition of this product makes it all the more skin-friendly. This one product works against acne, skin infections, rashes, and the list goes on... Applying it every day after cleansing the face will instantly give the matt look that every girl with oily T-Zone dreams of having. Not just this, it will not let the oil accumulate for the next few hours and have added advantages for sun protection as well. In simple words, you name a thing, and this magical gel does it all! 

The best part is that a layer of this mattifying gel works well as a primer. Just dot the gel on your entire face and spread it by gently dabbing it against your face. Let it absorb quickly, apply your sun protection, and you are good to go with your makeup! It forms a protective shield between your skin and the makeup. Your pores will not clog, and when you remove the layer at the end of the day, your skin will be fresh and breathing just as usual!


Auli Lifestyle Magic Potion Mattifying Massage Gel (120 gm)

The transparent texture that is rich and the fragrance will lift your spirit within a fraction of a second. 


The extremely fuss-free and natural composition makes this product a gem and a must-have in your skincare stash. (No kidding!). Let's have a look at the key ingredients.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera helps soothe dry, irritated skin. It also has proven benefits against acne and acne scars, and regular use helps eliminate active acne.


the cooling sensation that your skin needs is what the mint is actually adding to it. Moreover, mint also helps to minimize the pores reducing the occurrence of white or blackheads.


an age-old formula for brighter skin, removing sun tan and dark spots. Turmeric will help even the skin tone and give you a natural radiant glow. 


Natural Bliss experts recommend this product to everyone with any skin type. It is recommended to do a patch test before using the product. If you have any other skincare concerns, get in touch with the Natural Bliss experts and get free consultation and recommended product list! 

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